Structure Rehabilitation

ENTECHS performs all necessary studies with thew assistance of specialized experts in the field of structural materials and concretes. These studies cover all distress in structures caused by the environment. Attack of chlorides and other harmful salts in air or dissolved in water, decrease the alkalinity of the concrete cover. This causes steel reinforcement corrosion when humidity is present. Carbonation leads to steel cavitation. ENTECHS studies these cases carefully. Studies cover also the condition of the structures, the degree of deterioration, and the presence of any danger caused by extra stresses and change of loads or use of the structure.
ENTECHS make sure that all modern and up-to-date scientific and legal aspects imposed by entities such as ACI and ASTM are met. ENTECHS chooses and specifies repair materials and techniques suitable for the case, based on the comprehensive knowledge of these materials and techniques. ENTECHS aims at preserving the investment of its clientele and their financial capital invested in their buildings. ENTECHS also aims at prolonging the lifetime of the structures and cutting down on repair and maintenance burden.

ENTECHS is pleased to present some photographs of projects it took over.
Dr. Osama M. Shawa
President, Managing Director